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Every Voice Matters: Shaping A Better Travel Ecosystem | By Zuhairah Washington

While the past year has been a tumultuous ride, the good news is that as we head into spring, the light is blinking brightly at the end of the tunnel for the most of US and Asia Pacific markets and we're on track to come out of this experience all the wiser.

But before we rush to snap back to business as usual, it's important to take a moment to reflect on what we've learned about our industry, and ourselves, during this difficult time.

To this end, the team at Expedia Group has been listening carefully and learning actively from our partners and shared travelers - the collective voices of travel – so we are prepared to meet their emerging travel needs.

Here are a few of our key learnings:.


We're now in a new year. One that brings hope and yes, travel. Our priority is to continue to listen, to ensure that our travelers can regain confidence and that our lodging partners have all they need to build back their businesses better so that together we restore our beloved industry. Travel is a force for good and we're here to facilitate connections between travelers and our partners that truly bring good into the world.