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Checklist to Optimize Hotel Energy Consumption During Low Occupancy | By Chris Magee

Around the world, all kinds of buildings - from offices to hotels to retail spaces - have transitioned to a state of low occupancy, with some nearly empty.

For hotels, securing the safety and security of guests and staff are a top priority.

But what is next?.


We are hearing several questions from our customers and partners:

This article offers some answers in the form of best practices on energy efficiency, safety, reliability, and preparedness for returning to occupancy.

Before you begin, we recommend you reach out to your service partner(s), if you have any, to help you complete this work, either remotely or on-site. If you do not have a service partner, this post offers tips on how your own team can get started.

These 15 tips are just the basics to drive efficiency during this period of low occupancy. Each hotel has its unique qualities and therefore, opportunities for additional savings. The best way to make sure you do what's right for your hotel is to work with trained experts in building management. If you face uncertainty about doing this work, our field service engineers can help, whether face-to-face or remotely. For more information, download , contact your local account representative, or .