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innform.io, a new hassle-free eLearning tool for hospitality companies, announces a free July beta release


io, the new hassle-free eLearning tool for hospitality companies announces a free July beta release.

The SaaS tool comes with monthly multilingual readymade courses and a simple user experience.


innform.io, the new hassle-free eLearning tool for hospitality companies announces a free July beta release. The SaaS tool comes with monthly multilingual readymade courses and a simple user experience.

All growing hospitality businesses run into the same fundamental problem: costly staff training. But London-based eLearning startup came up with a simple mobile solution that helps trainers upskill their workforce easily and affordably.

The hospitality industry in the UK is expanding at an average rate of 2.3% per year. This is fantastic news for a London hotel occupancy rate of 80% and the 7,000 new hotel rooms opening in the capital city this year alone. (PWC)

But growth comes with challenges: An increasingly international and nonenglish speaking workforce, a staff turnover rate of 6.2% (e-days) and changing employee learning behaviours - just to name a few. All this while hospitality's demand for skilled employees continues to rise - This leaves companies with no option but to invest in costly staff training programmes. 

It doesn't stop there - research shows that a new employee stays with a company for an average of just 90 days after initial training is delivered (Chart). It costs a hotel an average of £2,000 to train a new employee with fundamental skills. That's an average monthly cot of £700 in inductions,training sessions and one-on-one mentoring for the first 90 days of their employment.

That is not a great ROI.

Bartenders-turned-eLearning experts and co-founders of Innform, Sebastian Hefel and Michael Azzopardi, have seen this problem driving many of their clients like Accor Group, Novotel and Ibis Hotels to seek their services. Having built several hospitality training software training half a millionlearners today, the London-based duo are set to package all they know into one easy, affordable training tool called Innform. 

"Today, eLearning is still being presented to managers as a limiting and often overly complex process. User experience isn't quite there yet." Michael Azzopardi, Co-founder of Innform, said. "It's time for a change - we want to make learning a stimulating experience for hospitality staff and a rewarding one for trainers!"

The new multi-platform LMS gained a great deal of interest in the hospitality sector ahead of its July Beta release and the demand is purely down to these features:

"Hospitality businesses are coming to us for custom solutions, but not all companies can afford that. With Innform, we're offering the power of a tailormade eLearning solution as an off-the-shelf product for a tiny fraction of the price." Said co-founder Sebastian Hefel.

Innform, which also comes with reporting and feedback tools, will launch with a free basic tier and a 30-day free trial on plans that start from £2 per user per month. The Beta version is being offered free of charge.

"Our pricing is simple: pay for what you need, and only for those employees who are active on the system. We want to help companies transform their workforce, but first they need affordable access to essential tools".

The dawn of fun and engaging LMS tools has arrived and Innform aims to be a big part it. The product wants to radically improve user experience for learners, whilst taking away the hassle for managers. Gallup confirms that 59% of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are extremelyimportant to them when applying for a job - Innform wants to help thousands of hospitality teams around the world rise to this opportunity and make inspiring training a defining aspect of their corporate culture.

Michael Azzopardi is an eLearning product designer and co-founder of Innform. 

For more information and to try Innform for free go to