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Beach Destinations Drive Hospitality Growth in Latin America

A number of world famous beach destinations are driving the project pipeline in Latin America, according to information from the TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database.


A number of world famous beach destinations are driving the project pipeline in Latin America, according to information from the .

Latin America is a hospitality market on the rise, with the currently showing that the region has 337 upcoming projects that will lead to the creation of 75,047 total rooms, and what appears to be driving this growth is the popularity of the region's beaches, specifically those located in Mexico.

In fact, two of the region's top three destinations are Mexican beach cities. Cancun leads the way with 9 projects for 5,224 rooms, while Cabo San Lucas is third with 9 projects for 1,933 rooms. Playa Del Carmen, yet another Mexican beach city, also made the list of cities in the region with the most upcoming hotel projects, with the showing that that city has 4 projects underway that will net the region 1,686 rooms. And that's just considering Mexican beach cities. If you extend the range to include other Latin American beach cities, the number making the top 10 list becomes even larger.

The second most active city in terms of hotels under development in Latin America is Havana, Cuba, which is also a coastal city. Havana has 9 projects underway for the near future, which once completed will net that market 2,090 new rooms for tourists. Lima, Peru, also a coastal city with beautiful beach landscapes, is fourth on the list with 7 projects and 1,159 rooms, while another beach town, Cartagena, Colombia, is fifth with 6 projects and 1,351 slated to become available for tourists soon.

In fact, the only city on the entire top 10 list that isn't within easy reach of a beach area is Mexico City, which finishes ninth with 4 projects and 770 rooms coming soon. Mexico City is not surprising as the lone non beach town on this list, given that the city has undergone a recent renaissance that has been driven by its culinary scene and the hordes of tourists from the United States that have come to sample the food, history and culture there.

Another trend that becomes apparent when looking at the is that the presence of familiar chain hotels is also increasing. Leading the pack in this regard is the Hilton Garden Inn, which the data base projects as opening 15 new projects that will lead to the creation of 2,354 rooms, while a pair of other Hilton brands also finished in the top 5, with those being Hilton Hotels and Resorts at number two with 10 projects and 2,600 rooms, and Hampton by Hilton at number 5 with 8 projects and 879 rooms.

But perhaps the most famous brand on the list is the Hard Rock Hotel, which is developing 7 projects in Latin America that once completed will lead to the creation of a whopping 4,001 rooms.

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