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The Art and Science of Building a Team | By Patrick Burkhardt

Teamwork is a basic concept most of us learn early in life.

Yet, in business this concept becomes far less "basic" and much more nuanced.

It is an art form top companies work delicately to perfect at every level.

While revenue, reputation, and recognition may seemingly be the goal for most companies, without a cohesive, high-functioning team in place, none of these things would be possible.

As the Chief Idea Person of Luxpitality, an international, San Diego-based hospitality company that connects new-age businesses with the most unique hotels for corporate events, meetings, group trips and team-building experiences, I am in the business of building teams.

When I think about the key tactics I've implemented myself at Luxpitality, I see four common threads on how to successfully approach building a team to suit the specific needs of the company.

Partner with someone who shares your passion As a general rule, partnering with someone who shares your passion and can be your sounding board for ideas is a great place to start when thinking about the company culture you want to create.

For me, my Co-Conspirator Rigel Bitterman is this person.

When I first launched Luxpitality, I spent too much time trying to put a square peg through a round hole, and that got me nowhere.

Instead, I took a step back and shifted my energy into finding and bringing on board the one person who I knew was just as passionate as I am Together, Rigel and I are two of the most passionate people I know, and this is a big reason why our company has grown at the fast pace it has over the past two years.