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Cornell Webinar: Opening the Door in the Hospitality Industry: Legal Challenges in the Wake of COVID-19 (session 2)

July 01 - 01 2020
Webinar | Virtual Event


In the wake of the effects of COVID-19, the hospitality industry has been incredibly impacted. As restrictions are being lifted, it is important to know what precautions are being implemented in order to keep the safety of the guests and the logistics of the industry intact. and are prepared to answer the questions on how to re-open hotels through a roundtable webinar series. The issues that will be discussed will range from cleaning and safety regarding OSHA and CDC regulations, the legality issues of the industry, and the rights of employees during the pandemic. There will be three sessions in total covering each topic. Stay tuned for information on each specific session. June 17 - Session 1- OSHA/CDC guidance for addressing safety and health issues related to COVID-19- Reopening and cleaning- OSHA enforcement priorities and guidance for recordkeeping and reportingJuly 1 - Session 2- Preventive employment practices in the wake of COVID-19- COVID-19 related employment litigation, including class and collective actions including but not limited to RIF, WARN, FMLA, FFCRA, ADA, leave of absence, health and safety, benefits, and wage-hour and wage payment- Use of video in mediations and court proceedingsJuly 16 - Session 3- Types of grievances- NLRB charges- Information requests- Bargaining demands observed over COVID-19-related issues.

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