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Building Your Post-COVID Welcome Back Package | By Larry Mogelonsky

The hospitality world will reopen, but it will do so in a staggered manner. This means that once dates are given by governmental authorities, properties will all be scrambling for revenue from customers who now have a markedly different set of demands for their hotel experiences....

Thu, 02 July 2020

Hotel Retailing: It’s Time For a Change | By Alan Young

After opening a hotel with his family in Marrakech in 2010, Pierre Chapoutot learned, first hand, the difficulties so often experienced by independent hotels when promoting their services and inspiring direct bookings....

Thu, 02 July 2020

STR: U.S. hotel results for week ending 27 June

U.S. hotel performance data for the week ending 27 June showed another small rise from previous weeks and less severe year-over-year declines, according to STR....

Thu, 02 July 2020

Hotel Advertising: The Rise of Display in the World of Meta

D-EDGE circulated a White Paper in 2017 that revealed the significance and importance of Metasearch in the hotel room sales. Today, D-EDGE publishes a new report that analyses, not only the canonical metasearch platforms, but also all those advertising channels that contribute to hotels' direct revenue....

Thu, 02 July 2020